5 hours a day in front of computer lead to death more quickly ?

According to research, spending more than 5 hours per day in front of a computer can damage the heart and lead to death more quickly. The reason is the position of sitting, especially sitting back, which is a common position when people work with computers, playing games, or watching television.

The study was conducted by Emmanuel Stamatakis, researchers from University College London, UK. He conducted a research of more than 4,500 people over 35 years old and the results published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

These findings add the evidence continues accumulated about the dangers of sitting for long. In fact, the current trend is more and more people sitting at the computer while working at the office.

"People who spent more than 4 consecutive hours per day in front of the computer has a 125 percent higher chance of death related to heart disease than those who only spend less than 2 hours in front of the screen," said Stamatakis, as quoted from Examiner, 20 April 2011.

Stamatakis said, from research, they also found that 48 percent of people who spent 4 hours at the computer in a row is also likely to experience more rapid death due to other factors outside the heart.

Furthermore, those who spend more than 5 hours in front of computer per day, have the risk of death faster significantly.

Previously, it was estimated that those who spend too much time in front of the computer, or also in front of the television, is a lazy person to exercise and lead to the emergence of disease. However, the data obtained, is not the case.

"People who exercise regularly in their spare time also have the chance to die more quickly," said Stamatakis. Do you agree? well it's getting me confuse ! because i regularly doing exercise in my spare time.

Researchers believe that the cause is sit too long. The sitting position is known decrease 90 percent in the enzyme lipoprotein lipase and a healthy heart. Swelling and metabolic problems caused by the Inactivity in a long time also be a source of problems.

However, there is a solution for those who are forced to work at a computer all day. "You have to get up every 20 minutes and walk away for a moment," said Stamatakis. "That would reduce these problems and may increase your chances of living longer," he said


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