7 spices that make you healthy

Here are 7 healthy spices for healthy living

The Cinamon
Dr. Wendy Bazilian, author of 'The SuperFoodsRx Diet: Lose Weight with the Power of SuperNutrients' said that cinnamon is one kind of spice that can be used in various types of cuisine. You can use it to sweeten tea drink, mixed into yogurt drinks, even in a dish of oatmeal for breakfast. Besides being an antioxidant, cinnamon is also able to control blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood

Just one teaspoon of oregano contains antioxidants which is equivalent to 3 cups chopped broccoli . Oregano is usually found in snacks like pasta or pizza , but there's nothing wrong if you add a grain - grain grilled cheese sandwich on your favorite .
In the meantime , if you want to make a simple salad , then simply add the oregano in tomato pieces , plus pepper , and olive oil .

This sounds surprising , but one teaspoon of ginger have similar levels of antioxidants with a cup of spinach. Ginger not only be used as one of mere seasoning , but also it could  be used to satisfy the passion of someone in eating foods that are sweet , for example by spread it on pieces of fresh fruit , ice cream , or frozen yogurt . Moreover , ginger was also able to reduce pain and nausea due to digestive problem.
Dried Red Pepper
Spices that come from a family of red pepper such as  red chili pepper , cayenne ( red pepper that spicy at all ) , and paprika .Dr .Bazilian says , " Spices are able to increase metabolism , give satisfaction when eating spicy flavor , and has the potential to stimulate the burning of fat in the body . "
Rosemary can help reduce the risk of inflammation in the body .Indirectly , inflammation is potentially triggers other chronic diseases .You can add spices to the batter of this type of cake , bread , or a sauce for the dish of meat / steak .
Besides containing antioxidants , thyme extract also could ease the heat in the body .

This spices are usually found in the curry .Healthy brain , protecting us  from aging , and make
healthy heart.
Therefore, in order to stay healthy , wherever possible include a row of healthy spices above into your daily menu


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