Lack of sleep trigger high blood pressure/hypertension

Those who slept only 6 hours are 42 % tends to have hypertension, while those who slept  no more than 5 hours a day have higher risk 31 % as  reported in the journal Hypertension.
This report has recently studied at women only , not in men. According to study leader, Dr. Francesco P. Cappuccio from Warwick Medical School, Coventry, these findings indicate the possibility of a special relationship of gender, decreased sleep of time, and blood pressure. Even so, the reasons of this finding remains unknown.

Numerous of studies linked poor of sleep quality to an increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Many of these studies focused on people with breathing disorders sleep apnea (stopping breathing during sleep). However, some evidence show that loss of sleep without any obvious interference, is also detrimental to health.

For the study, Cappuccio and his team used the data from long-term health study of 10,300 white British civil servants between 35-55 years old . The researchers focused on respondents who are free from high blood pressure in the 1997-1999 phase of the study and be assessed again in 2003-2005.
During the two-phase, 76 and 68  %, respectively, from the original group, included in the evaluation. At reassessment, 20 % of respondents newly diagnosed with high blood pressure and the risk is greater among women with short sleep time.
The risk factors for heart disease, such as smoking, being overweight, or sedentary lifestyle, partially contributing to the relationship. Nevertheless, free relationship between sleep and blood pressure is remained.
Experts speculate that loss of sleep can contribute to high blood pressure. This is because lack of sleep makes the nervous system in a state of hyperactivity, which in turn affects systems throughout the body, including heart and blood vessels.
According to Cappuccio team, it's need more research to confirm that sleep duration affects blood pressure levels, and why these effects may differ in women and men.


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