How to remove redness on your skin ?

Rosacea most likely acts as the main cause of redness.   It is actually a chronic condition that first appears as a flushing or subtle redness on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.  It then progresses from intermittent mild redness to persistent ruddiness as well as permanent, dilated blood vessels and acne-like bumps. 

It is worth noting that rosacea is not curable, but it responds well to treatment.  Speaking of treatment, many experts recommend prescription topical and oral antibiotics as they assist to prevent pimples and redness from developing.   However, in severe cases, a product known as Accutane is commonly prescribed.    Some dermatologists also suggest pulsed-eye lasers like the Vbeam which costs $500.  
This treatment is said to treat broken capillaries.  It is also potent in lessening the need for topical medication.   And, there are gentle and hypoallergenic products these days which may provide solution to skin redness like the B. Kamins, Chemist Booster Blue Rosacea Treatment.  As noted, this product is capable of neutralizing redness on the skin with its light blue hue that contains soothing ingredients.

Another possible solution for redness could be to determine and then try to avoid what actually triggers your episodes of intense flushing and blushing.   The usual triggers for such episodes are spicy or piping-hot foods, caffeine, alcohol, stress, heat, sun,  wind, exercise and anything, including massage, hot water and facial steaming that bring blood to the face.  

Switch to physical sunblocks.   These items are less likely to irritate the skin because they generally contain ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide that reflect UV rays and aren’t taken into the skin.   But, to ensure an absolute shield from the UVB rays, experts commonly suggest one with octyl methoxycinnamate which is the most hypoallergenic.


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