Benefit of Tomatoes for Skin Beauty

Tomatoes are one type of vegetables that are always available in the kitchen. Besides useful for acid flavor enhancer in cooking, tomatoes are also useful as a natural cosmetic for the skin.

Problem of large pores in the skin, acne and dull skin can be overcome with tomatoes. To preserve and maintain healthy skin, it is recommended to eat lots of tomatoes in the intact condition.

Cups of coffe protect you from aggressive attack of breast cancer

A recent study showed that drinking five cups of coffee a day can protect you from aggressive attack of breast cancer . Really?

It has been known that breast cancer does not respond to various drugs, therefore chemotherapy  is often the only option. Chemotherapy was feared because women do not want to look bad, such as the risk of hair loss.
Those who are regularly enjoyed a hot drink of coffe far less  to developing estrogen receptor negative breast cancer possibility, particularly if they drank five or more cups of coffee a day.