4 foods for sex booster : fact or myth

Love potions, amulets, and a spell to awaken the desire already existed since centuries ago. Modern science refused erroneous assumption about the aphrodisiac. But the reputation of the following foods as stimulus is will believed continue.

Chocolate, the 17th-century Writer, James Wadsworth, says, Chocolate can "make women become young and fresh; create a new passion of the body. "

Chilli powder,  spicy chili powder can stimulate the release of perspiration, rapid heart beat, and flushes. Signs of an increase in sexual arousal.

Ginseng, may be some truth about his strength stimulates desire. A study in 2002 found Korea red ginseng, is an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Oyster, Reputation of oyster  is derived from connection with love goddess Aphrodite, Ancient Greece, born from the sea foam. (National Geographic)


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