Music Therapy for Premature Babies

A new research reveals that the lullabies song could help premature babies get quality sleep and good food. Play music with quiet melody for a newborn can also help slow their heartbeat.

The researchers found that by slowing heart rate of premature babies and improve the quality of sleep and eat is able to increase their weight. So, the little one can leave hospital more quickly. However, the authors of the research at New York-Presbyterian Phyllis and David Komansky Center for children's Health also found that certain types of music creates different effects.

They found that the lullabies song performed by parents can affect the function of the heart and the breathing of the baby. While the melody has a positive effect on the quality of feeding premature babies. ABC News reported earlier that the study, by researchers at Florida State University, also found that infants who received music therapy could leave hospital earlier than infants who did not receive music therapy.

Another study, by researchers at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, revealed that when the baby sung the lullabies song by their parents can strengthen the bond between child and parent.

The research also reveals that when the music played in the intensive care unit for newborns, parental stress levels can drop dramatically.

More than 25 hospitals in the United States now offer music therapy as a treatment in the neonatal intensive care unit.

In addition, in 2009, the research conducted by experts at the University of Alberta, in Canada, reveals that play soothing music to premature babies can also reduce the level of their pain


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