Acne Skin Care with Hot & Cold Water Therapy

Basic of skin care for acne is cleaning the face on a regular basis, especially after using the make-up a day. But not only that, it turns out the selection of water while cleaning the face also affects the 'cure' of acne.

Method to eliminate acne with hot and cold water apparently has a great benefit to acne and sensitive skin. Reported by Beauty Rama, therapy of acne with hot and cold water discribed in the following.

1. Hot Water
Besides good for blood circulation,  warm water which is washed on face is good facial moisturizing, revitalizing and giving oxygen to the skin. Steam from a warm watere can also be used to clean the dirt on the face. Hot steam can open the pores, so that the bacteria and blackheads in pimples can get out.

Just hold your face to the basin of warm water, and cover your head, so that the steam coming out just concentrated on the face. Afterwards, do not forget to wash your face with cold water to close the pores again.

2. Cold Water
Cold water can be used to refresh and relieve facial redness in acne. Cold water can also deflates acne. Cold water is ideal as a facial treatment ritual in the morning. Useful for activating blood circulation, reduce the oil as one of the causes of acne prone skin. The cold water also can shrink pores.

In the morning wash your face with cold water to give freshness to the skin. For evening care, cold water washed after washing your face with warm water and soap. Warm water opens the pores and closed with cold water, so that the oil in the skin is locked.

3. Add Lemon
You can add a piece of lemon in hot or cold water. Lemons contain citric acid, lactic acid and glikolatjus that can treat acne and fade scars. Besides lemon can brighten the face.


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