Basic Child capabilities that must be developed

Basically, Every child has the hidden nature-ability. Howard Gardner, a psychologist from Harvard University, concluded that based on the ability of each child is born and takes intelligence.

The following nine basic capabilities:

Linguistic proficiency (languages).  Parents and teachers need to guide children to pull out a good word, speak the word politely, as well as being a good listener.

The ability of logic (thinking).  Children should be taught the ability to think logically through counting and solve problems mathematically.

Visual ability.  This ability is obtained with the train to draw simple. In order for the child to pour what he saw into a media.

Musical ability.  The ability to listen to the tone and rhythm, and then combine that into a harmonious rhythm.

The ability of Kinesthetic.  The ability to communicate and solve problems.

Naturalistic ability.  Children are taught to love their surroundings and make them aware that they were responsible for the surrounding environment.

Interpersonal skills.  Children are taught to appreciate friends with all the differences.  Intrapersonal skills.  Children are taught to appreciate yourself.

Spiritual abilities.  Abilities related to spirituality, ethics, morality, and religion.


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