Benefits baby oil for Beauty

As the name implies, baby oil destined for the baby. The main function are retain skin moisture and avoid blisters that often occur in the groin.

Even so, it turns out the baby oil has other useful benefits for beauty. The formula of baby oil is safe, then baby oil safe for all skin types. the following are benefits of baby oil for beauty , as quoted by Sky Bold.

1. Moisturizer
For those of you with dry skin, baby oil can be used to moisturize and soften the skin. The best time to apply baby oil is after a shower, when the skin pores are still open then baby oil easily absorbs into the skin.

2. Waterproof Make-up Cleansing
Make-up with a waterproof label is hard to remove, even after using a facial soap. Baby oil can help remove traces of makeup such as eyeliner and waterproof mascara. You do this by pouring baby oil on a cotton swab and rub on the face.

3. Shaving Cream Substitute
When shaving skin often injured by scratches razor. To prevent scratches on skin just apply baby oil when shaving. Another function is to make the skin become more moist, because after shaving the skin usually becomes dry.

4. Stretch Mark
Baby oil can be used to prevent the skin from stretch marks. Apply baby oil as given a gentle massage on the areas that may lead to stretch marks such as the abdomen and thighs every night before bed. Baby oil does not need to be rinsed with water, would be better left in place overnight so that the ingredient is absorbed.

5. Massage Oil Substitute
Many people are less comfortable with aroma massage oils like eucalyptus oil. You can replace it by using baby oil. Before doing the massage, you should first heat the baby oil, then smeared it .


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