Eat Broccoli to Prevent Cancer

Food plays an important role, for both good and bad. New study continues to open the secrets of how foods (and nutritional supplements) influence every part of our physical and mental well-being or lack thereof. For example is the following; Most people knew that broccoli and the cruciferous vegetables help prevent cancer. But until now, they didn’t know how or why.

In an outstanding example of cellular rejuvenation, a research conducted at Georgetown University and published in the British Journal of Cancer found that indole-3-carbinol, a chemical in vegetables such as broccoli, cauli flower, and cabbage, actually boosts DNA repair in cells and may stop them from becoming cancerous. This is a significant finding because DNA is the material inside the nucleus of cells that carries genetic information. If we are genetically predisposed to cancer, could this mean that we can repair our cells and as a result prevent cancer simply by eating broccoli? It is without doubt a fascinating premise, and scientists are ardently pursuing this line of study.

 “it is now clear that the function of crucial cancer genes can be influenced by compounds in the things we eat: Studies that monitor people’s diets and their health have found links between certain types of food and cancer risk. Our findings imply a clear molecular process that would explain the connection between diet and cancer prevention.”said Professor Eliot Rosen, who led the research. As we’ve learned, carotenoids also show powerful chemoprotective properties. Do try to always buy or-ganically grown vegetables—the pesticides and chemical fertilizers used on nonorganically grown vegetables may counteract the positive effects of these foods.


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