Fergie 'Black Eyed Peas' will officially change her name

Members of the hip hop group Black Eyed Peas, Fergie intends to legally change her name, becoming Fergie. The name is a stage name that he carried from a career in music world. The real name of the 38-year-old woman itself is Stacy Ann Ferguson.

Now the singer who often look sexy will propose changing the name legally become Fergie Duhamel. But in fact the name has been used since married with actor Josh Duhamel four years ago.

The decision was due to public is more familiar with that name. "To match the name that was already public and professionally known, and it has been for many years", said Fergie's lawyer, as quoted from the NY Daily News.

While she is waiting for an official name change, Fergie and Josh also is waiting their child expected to be born this year. The birth of the baby also rumored to be one of the driving decisions of a singer sang "Big Girls Do not Cry" legally changed his name.

There will be some procedures to be followed in the process of changing her name. It's Planned that change of her name will be announced in a local newspaper for four weeks. Fergie's request is scheduled to be filled with the court on August 16, 2013


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