How to maintain a Healthy weight naturally without succumbing to diet fads ?

A weight maintenance is a ,ater of staying on track by creating and sticking to habits that contribute to a healthier you. Making a conscious decision to eat foods closer to their natural state and incorporating physical activity into every day can help you fell even better.

Here are some simple weight management solutions :

Pro-Protein, High Fiber ! Eliminate those mid-morning cravings by starting your morning with a healthy dose of protein and fiber.

Hi-Lo excercise. It's the best route to weight loss and ultimately weight management. Kick up your speed or icline every 4-5 minutes for 1-2 minutes during your cardio workout. Compared to a standards cardio workout, you will burn more calories and elevate your metabolism

One-to-One, A cup of cooked rice or pasta has about 200 calories, but a cup of cooked vegetables delivers approximately 50 calories. To avoid carbo overload, eat a 1:1 ratio of grains to vegetables, ramping up your fiber intake without the calories.

Snack Smart, Whole grain snack are rich in complex carbohydrate for long-lasting energy and fiber for staying power.


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