Try these 4 steps in order to have fun during sex

Sex is an important part of married life. However that does not mean you should be weighed down while doing so. Sometimes, Women think too much about sex and think if they are doing it right or not.

The thoughts that exist in the minds of women could eliminate the pleasure of sex itself. Women can lose the mood for sex. Sex expert, Dr. Laura Berman gives some suggestion so that women can return to having fun during sex. Here are tips from therapists with over 18 years experience and author of the book Real Sex for Real Women, as She described it on everydayhealth:

1. Highlight the uniqueness
Women often try to imitate the sexy characters in the film she watched. But according to Dr. Laura, sex appeal not just of fashion and makeup. Sex appeal could have emerged from a fun and silly things. Eliminate the notion that sex or yourself have to be perfect. Do not be afraid to highlight the uniqueness of your sexuality.

2. Competition
Doing the game before having sex, it could be you and your partner more relaxed. Add a little competition in the game to make it more adrenaline. Games that can be done such as playing cards with releasing clothing for the losers.

3. Getting Out of Routine
Once married, you and your husband are still dating but somehow it was Try to get out of the routine. Think back to the things that make you and your partner happy laugh once sparked the curiosity in each other's bodies. You and your husband can try to change the atmosphere becomes more dim while watching a movie together in the room. Every now and then there is no harm in doing these activities in bed while eating popcorn. This will make the couple recall the days when dating.

4. Do not wait Perfection
Most of women want everything organized and planned or even perfect. In terms of sex, for example, this type of woman would only have sex if household chores are completed all or only if they were shaved legs. If indeed you are the type of person who is always waiting for the perfection, you can bet you will very rarely have sex. Dr. Laura assured, do not be afraid to try making love in the middle of the day, when the homework has not been completed. Try to be more spontaneous in matters of sex.


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