What is Alzheimer ?

Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disease or a decline in brain function. Patien's memory declined drastically so could not take care of himself. Although this disease mostly affects the elderly, but the younger could have it too.

Therefore medicine divides the disease into two groups. First the younger than 58 years referred to as early onset, and  groups suffered at the age of 58 years referred to as late onset.

Basic causes of Alzheimer's disease is still under study but genetic factors and environmental factors are 2 dominant  factor for Alzheimer's disease. There are also allegations of PSEN1 gene mutations that cause Alzheimer's

Patients became aggressive, quick to anger, and loss of interest to interact or satisfying hobby they had ever enthuses.

Most commonly seen in people with Alzheimer's is memory loss, agitation and mood swings, Disturbance in making decisions and using money, difficulty doing light tasks and communicate, often forgotten and repeating words or actions, Not able to recognize family members and friends, loss of motor skills and touch, not pay attention to hygiene and body care, delusions, childish and paranoia.

Provision of medical drugs can help patient's memory. But the main thing is the love and patience of the people around the patient.


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