What kind of diet suitable for children ?

Obesity is not only for adults only. However, many children are also have problems of overweight. Then, what kind of diet program should be implemented for obese children?

Recent data shows that regular exercise focuses on diet programs for children and adults usually do not help them shrink their weight. "Exercise is important, but we must not over-emphasize the importance of exercise, not a diet program," said Gary Bennett, who studies obesity prevention at Duke University, North Carolina

As quoted from reuters.com, Sunday (06/23/2013), the important thing in the diet for children and also adults is changing your eating habits, improve diet, and reduced calorie foods.

Researchers analyzed the results of 14 previous trials involving overweight adolescents. They were asked to undertake a program of diet and exercise program or just to maintain weight. The program taking one and a half to six months.

Most studies found that children tend to have a body mass index (ratio of weight and height) lower and percentage of body fat were smaller after they do both programs. Adding aerobic exercise such as jogging and dance also had little effect on weight loss. However, the children who did endurance exercise such as running around with his friends, lost more body fat than those who did not exercise.

Endurance exercise for an hour or less per week produced half percent decrease body fat and increase muscle mass. "Endurance exercise not only burns calories but also builds muscle mass is beneficial to lose weight or maintain weight," says lead author named Mandy Ho of the University of Sydney.

Ho and his colleagues found that regular exercise can increase insulin levels and HDL (good cholesterol) in the body. "It is very important for children because limits food intake could be bad on development and growth," he added.

A recent study found little evidence that the program services weight loss can affect  mass index of children. Therefore, Bennett said diet and regular exercise program may be the most effective way.

"It would be a hard thing for parents to implement a program of diet on their children. Consequently they should focus their time," said Bannett.


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