Men Libido lower than Women !

Men are often labeled always wanted and thought about sex all the time. However, now, more men are found to have a lower libido than women. The proof, one of the three men claimed to be suffering from low libido, while in women the comparison one in four women. However, low libido, remains a problem for both men and women.

Men believe that a bad diet is the primary cause of less passionate to have sex. There is also the assumed cause is the level of confidence in the form of the lower body. Drink too much, not exercising enough and lack sleep also claimed to have an impact on men's libido.

For women, low self-esteem on body shape is considered as the main cause of the decline in libido, followed by lack of sleep. Relationship problems,   a poor diet and consumption of birth control pills are also thought to contribute.

Though some may see the low libido as part of living simply, in fact they still regard it as something that should not have occurred and can be corrected by visiting a doctor.

Only 18 percent of people who suffer from low libido stated they get help for it. Most of them see herbal medicine as a solution, with only 11 percent of visiting a doctor.

Peter Farley from ukmedix(dot)com, who conducted the research, noted that, "Low libido proven to exist in almost all the beds of the couples in the UK and lead to relationship problems."

Usually, a happy relationship and healthy sex walking side by side. So, help yourself to keep healthy. (femalefirst)

Effect of High and Low Testosterone for Men's Health

High or low hormone levels  in the body turns out to have advantages and disadvantages for the body. Both are not good because it is not balanced. So with the male hormone, testosterone. This hormone level, high or low, have advantages and disadvantages impact on the healt of reproductive men.
Here's a list of the effects of testosterone are higher and lower as described by healthmeup.

High testosterone: 
symptoms: signs of high testosterone levels is not clear, but the boy was marked by the acceleration of puberty. High testosterone levels can also cause infertility in men, the lack of passion for sex and shrinking of the testes.

Causes: Hyperthyroidism, Tumors of the adrenal glands, , early puberty before the age of 9 years.

Risk: high blood Disease, Sleep apnea, the breasts became larger, fluid retention in the body, Decrease sperm production, skin problems,  The emergence of cysts in the prostate

Treatment: men with high testosterone levels are very rare. Generally men have problems with low testosterone. One of the ways for people with lower high testosterone by giving opposite hormones.

Low testosterone:
Symptoms: Fatigue, Strength and muscle mass decreases, low libido, anemia
Mood swings, depression and often angry, osteoporosis, decrease in ejaculate

Cause: Testicular damage, Pituitary gland and hypothalamus were damaged, brain tumors, Klinefelter syndrome, Consumption of cigarettes and alcohol, Drug side effects

Risk: Men who have low testosterone levels have increase risk of Alzheimer's disease, premature death from coronary heart disease is previously owned. Besides other diseases such as diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and erectile dysfunction

Treatment: hormone therapy, have sex at such high frequencies in the morning, reduce alcohol and smoking,  do not easy to stress and fatigue,  Sports,   Balanced Nutrition.

Conclusion, testosterone hormone levels are too high or too low is not good for a man. When you have an excess or deficiency of this hormone, immediately consult a doctor.

Low Protein Diet, Reduce Alzheimer's Symptoms

A study applying strict protein diet in rats suffering from advanced Alzheimer's disease. The result, when the rats test of the memory using the labyrinth, an increase in cognitive ability than other rats who did not tested a diet.

In addition, only a few of them are abnormal nerve damage due to protein. Abnormal conditions are often known as "tau" is usually accumulates in the brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease..

Protein Diet is the primary way to manage the growth of a hormone known as IGF-1. This hormone is often associated with the aging process and various diseases in mice, as well as several other diseases in elderly humans.

These findings are based on research conducted by Professor Valter Longo of the University of Southern California. "We have found that a deficiency of growth hormone receptor and IGF-1 showed a reduced incidence of cancer and diabetes," says Longo.
Protein Diet reduces the amount of IGF-1 circulation throughout the body by as much as 30 to 70 percent, and cause increased eight fold proteins that can block the effects of IGF-1.

More research needs to be done to determine whether the same response occurs also in humans, as well as to test the effects of dietary protein restriction on cancer, diabetes and heart disease, as well as, of course, to test its security.  "However, doctors need to read the results of this research. So, his patients had no other choice, he can consider to introduce restrictions on the protein in her treatment, "Longo hope. (ScienceDaily)

Basic Child capabilities that must be developed

Basically, Every child has the hidden nature-ability. Howard Gardner, a psychologist from Harvard University, concluded that based on the ability of each child is born and takes intelligence.

The following nine basic capabilities:

Linguistic proficiency (languages).  Parents and teachers need to guide children to pull out a good word, speak the word politely, as well as being a good listener.

The ability of logic (thinking).  Children should be taught the ability to think logically through counting and solve problems mathematically.

Visual ability.  This ability is obtained with the train to draw simple. In order for the child to pour what he saw into a media.

Musical ability.  The ability to listen to the tone and rhythm, and then combine that into a harmonious rhythm.

The ability of Kinesthetic.  The ability to communicate and solve problems.

Naturalistic ability.  Children are taught to love their surroundings and make them aware that they were responsible for the surrounding environment.

Interpersonal skills.  Children are taught to appreciate friends with all the differences.  Intrapersonal skills.  Children are taught to appreciate yourself.

Spiritual abilities.  Abilities related to spirituality, ethics, morality, and religion.

Practicing to Overcome Fear

Nik Wallenda successfully crossed over Niagara Falls as high as 135 feet (41,15 meters) to run on top of the steel wire measuring 2 inches (about 5 cm). What a thrilling action. It looks like Nik has no fear. However, it turns out he doesn't think of himself as someone who brave. Nik Wallenda has fear too.
According to him, what he does is art, not as people who lose their fear. He Though, "people who have no fear is people doing something what others don"t, but never practiced in the slightest." While Wallenda  train hard for months before actually doing the action.

"Basically Wallenda's brain is no different to the other human brain. But someone learns to compromise with the pressure and fear in different ways, "says Jeff Wise, author of Extreme Fear: The Science of Your Mind in Danger.
There is no rational fear. He does not come from prefrontal cortex; our brain processing of emotions in parallel. So, if most people will feel the heart beating immediately, for fear of falling even dead, but someone like a Wallenda know how to control, for him it's just like walking on the edge of the sidewalk.

The fact, Wallenda walking on the rope has been a very long time (since the age of 2 years, or even before he was born. Everything is natural.

Wallenda also recognizes what it does. So for the last 6 months, she trained hard with crossed straps with the same distance but closer to the ground. At that time he was already visualizing himself crossing the Grand Canyon.  Until he actually crossed in the Grand Canyon, he imagines himself being turn them over to the practice. (Discovery)