Green Tea Prevent Tooth Decay

Green tea that we often hear can dissolve fat levels, it also can prevent tooth decay. Likely, this is because of the ability of polyphenol compounds, particularly catechins and fluoride.  In Japan have conducted research on a number of volunteers who were asked to wash their mouth after they eat with tea containing polyphenols.

As a result, green tea can significantly reduce the occurrence of plaque, including against those who don't brush your teeth or clean the tooth with dental floss. Other studies also show, for those who drink tea regularly have proven cases of dental caries is decreasing and the level of damage is not too severe.

In fact the toothpaste containing green tea from the results of research could also reduce dental plaque.  Seeing the benefits of green tea is so great against the teeth,  it's good drinking green tea in order to have a strong and healthy teeth.


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