The causes of the declining numbers of sperm

Unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and improper diet are some of the main factors causing depletion of sperm in men. When mate discussed the plan of pregnancy, sperm quality contribute to the success of fertilization itself.  What factors can cause a decrease in sperm quality? Boldsky provide a list as follows

A warm bath.  Indeed,  a warm bath can make the body relaxed, but also can reduce the sperm count due to the increased temperature of the testes. This can damage sperm quality and reduced  the amount of sperm

Tights.  Wearing pants that are too tight can increase the temperature of the testes. And in turn can lower sperm number and quality.

Cell phone radiation.  Radiation from mobile phones has a huge impact on sperm production in men. According to a study, cell phone radiation can also reduce the amount of sperm.

Stress.  Stress is one of the causes of various health problems. Stress not only affects the emotional health, but also causes the problem of infertility in men.
Rarely have sex.  Sex is one of the best solutions of  some sexual problems. Rare sexual intercourse can lower sperm count.

Alcohol.  Drinking alcohol can lower testosterone levels and can reduce the amount of sperm. This is one of the causes of infertility in men.

Tobacco.  Smoking can cause impotence. In addition to reducing the number of sperm, it can also make men become infertile. Smoking can also cause infertility.

Soy products.  Soy products contain isoflavones, which influence the amount and quality of sperm production.

Watch TV.  Sitting too long in front of the TV can cause obesity and reduced amount of sperm. A study conducted by the British of Sports Medicine confirmed that men who do not watch TV and many exercise regularly have a better sperm number and quality.

Using a laptop.  Using a laptop on the lap of a long period of time will increase the temperature in the scrotum and reduced sperm production.

If you and your partner want to have a baby ASAP, apply a healthy lifestyle is always.


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