7 Suprising Fiber Boosters

If taken in the right form at the right time and in sufficient quantities, foods with fiber can sometimes slow the onset of hunger. Try these for a natural change :

PEARS, since one up and add to a spinach salad for delicious twists

PISTACHIOS, Sprinkle some on yogurt, salads or eat on their own

RASPABERRIES, Try adding berries to cereal for boost of flavor and fiber

ARTHICHOKES, Whip up a low fat spinach and artichoke dip the next time yoy host company

LENTIL BEANS, chicken soup may be what mom suggest for a cold, but lentils are where it's at when you're looking to get yor protein and fiber in a bowl.

EDAMAME, Eaten as an appetizer, edamame can help fill you up so you don't overindulge on your main course.

POPCORN, Popcorn is a whole grain in the same league as oatmeal, barley, brown rice and millet. Air pop a serving size for crunchy, fiber-boosting snack. (WomenHealth)


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