Mel B's "Spice Girls" Slim tips : Excercise and Sex

38-year-old, Spice Girls's Member, Melanie B, still has a beautiful body. Mel B's slim tips is of course exercising diligently. And one thing she would had missed is sex.

In an interview with The Sun, one of the juy of America's Got Talent revealed that need to work hard to maintain her sexiness. Moreover, she was over 30 years old so it is not easy to stay slim.

"If I may be honest, I used to exercise, which is necessary commitments and boring ... and of course sexercise," she said.

Sex is the next recipe  of Mel B in maintaining her body shape. A mother of three children was very fond of the activity on the bed with her husband Stephen Belafonte.

In the same interview, besides to revealing the slim tips, Mel B also talked about her duties as a mother. The curly-haired singer acknowledged being a mother to three children is not easy. Moreover, she also remained busy in the entertainment world.

"You have to balance every week. You should be able to divide your time," she said.

Mel B says again, she does not want her children to be an artist like her before they finish school. "I tell to my children, finish school and if you're good enough, I will let you get into the world of entertainment," said the mother of Phoenix Chi (13 years), Angel (5 years) and Madison (21 months) it.


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