What kind of diet suitable for children ?

Obesity is not only for adults only. However, many children are also have problems of overweight. Then, what kind of diet program should be implemented for obese children?

Recent data shows that regular exercise focuses on diet programs for children and adults usually do not help them shrink their weight. "Exercise is important, but we must not over-emphasize the importance of exercise, not a diet program," said Gary Bennett, who studies obesity prevention at Duke University, North Carolina

As quoted from reuters.com, Sunday (06/23/2013), the important thing in the diet for children and also adults is changing your eating habits, improve diet, and reduced calorie foods.

Researchers analyzed the results of 14 previous trials involving overweight adolescents. They were asked to undertake a program of diet and exercise program or just to maintain weight. The program taking one and a half to six months.

Most studies found that children tend to have a body mass index (ratio of weight and height) lower and percentage of body fat were smaller after they do both programs. Adding aerobic exercise such as jogging and dance also had little effect on weight loss. However, the children who did endurance exercise such as running around with his friends, lost more body fat than those who did not exercise.

Endurance exercise for an hour or less per week produced half percent decrease body fat and increase muscle mass. "Endurance exercise not only burns calories but also builds muscle mass is beneficial to lose weight or maintain weight," says lead author named Mandy Ho of the University of Sydney.

Ho and his colleagues found that regular exercise can increase insulin levels and HDL (good cholesterol) in the body. "It is very important for children because limits food intake could be bad on development and growth," he added.

A recent study found little evidence that the program services weight loss can affect  mass index of children. Therefore, Bennett said diet and regular exercise program may be the most effective way.

"It would be a hard thing for parents to implement a program of diet on their children. Consequently they should focus their time," said Bannett.

What is Alzheimer ?

Alzheimer's disease is a neurodegenerative disease or a decline in brain function. Patien's memory declined drastically so could not take care of himself. Although this disease mostly affects the elderly, but the younger could have it too.

Therefore medicine divides the disease into two groups. First the younger than 58 years referred to as early onset, and  groups suffered at the age of 58 years referred to as late onset.

Basic causes of Alzheimer's disease is still under study but genetic factors and environmental factors are 2 dominant  factor for Alzheimer's disease. There are also allegations of PSEN1 gene mutations that cause Alzheimer's

Patients became aggressive, quick to anger, and loss of interest to interact or satisfying hobby they had ever enthuses.

Most commonly seen in people with Alzheimer's is memory loss, agitation and mood swings, Disturbance in making decisions and using money, difficulty doing light tasks and communicate, often forgotten and repeating words or actions, Not able to recognize family members and friends, loss of motor skills and touch, not pay attention to hygiene and body care, delusions, childish and paranoia.

Provision of medical drugs can help patient's memory. But the main thing is the love and patience of the people around the patient.

What is Skin allergies ?

Allergy is a condition caused by allergens (things that can trigger allergies). Currently there are two types of contact dermatitis are irritant and allergic.

Allergies are caused by allergens, the things that cause allergies. There are two types of contact dermatitis: irritant and allergic. Irritant contact dermatitis is caused by the effects of a particular chemical. While allergic contact dermatitis usually affects people who are sensitive to everyday substances. These substances are contain metal which if attached to the skin, sometimes causing allergies. Examples of objects are jewelry, rubber, creams, ointments, and other.

Allergy symptoms are usually indicated by skin redness, swelling, blisters, and itching in the area of skin.

The main principle of treatment is relieve allergy symptoms and prevent, not cure. Sometimes, mild skin allergies do not require special treatment. These symptoms will disappear after a while.

Quarrels between couples due to lack of sleep

Too busy, and lack of sleep is known to be a bad influence on health. But in fact not only that, a study revealed that  quarrel/fight or conflict between couple can happen due to lack of sleep.

Psychologist from UC Berkeley, Amie Gordon and Serena Chen, has revealed that people are more emotion on her partner or start a conflict in their relationship if it has been a bad night's sleep, as reported by the Times of India, on Thursday (07/11/2013) .

"Marriage, if often quarreled can be said to be less happy and less healthy, '' said Gordon, who is currently studying psychology at the doctoral level, and lead author of the study.

"We did this research to try to prove and remind each pair so that the result is no longer fighting due to lack of sleep, '' he added.

The study had previously researched that lack of sleep has a negative impact on marriage, but at this time the research explains more about how bad a compromise which was owned by couples who are sleep-deprived. This includes in terms of avoiding and managing conflict.

"For the first time in science, we can see the process of how the nature, degree, and conflict resolution can be made due to lack of sleep", said Chen, a Professor of psychology at UC Berkeley.

It's good to fill hours of sleep in a day at least 7-8 hours. In addition, keep the sleep quality and manage stress as well as you can, so that conflicts can be prevented. A healthy relationship is a mutual understanding and not easily provoked to start a conflict.

This research has been published in the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

What foods are effective for weight loss ?

These foods not only provide many nutrients that are beneficial to the body, but also effectively make your body be slim. What food are they?

1. oat
Oat grain has high source of fiber. Eating a bowl of oatmeal at breakfast will make your stomach full for the day and help increase metabolism.

2. avocado
If you want to lose weight, then avocado is the answe. This fruit is high in fiber such as oats. Eating avocado can nourish the digestive system and provide long satiety, making you not to eat too much.

3. eggs
Eggs are one of the foods that should be consumed if you want to lose weight. Studies show if the egg has a content that can help reduce calories.

4. Black chocolate
Dark or Black chocolate is known to help weight loss because it contains high-quality cocoa and rich in antioxidants.

5. Salmon fish
Although high in fat, salmon is very effective in aiding weight loss due to the high content of omega-3 fatty acids.

6. broccoli
Besides beneficial in preventing cancer, broccoli also contains high fiber, which is also useful in preventing weight gain. Broccoli may also help lower cholesterol so it's good for your heart.

7. brown rice
If you do intend to lose weight, choose brown rice as a main meal instead of white rice. Brown rice is a super food that are low in calories but high in fiber, make your stomach full throughout the day and effective in losing weight.

8. green tea
Consume green tea on a regular basis because it is useful in weight loss. Green tea contains antioxidants called polyphenols that are good for health. Antioxidants can also reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer.

9. orange
Eating citrus fruits are also beneficial in weight loss. This is because oranges are rich in fiber and vitamin C, which can increase your metabolism and help you to lose weight.

6 Benefits of brown rice for health

Brown rice provide better health benefits when compared to white rice. A description of the benefits of brown rice can be described below

6 Benefits of brown rice for health

1. Rich in fiber
Brown rice, or black rice has a high fiber content. While white rice that contains only simple carbohydrates, brown rice contain complex carbohydrates that are good for health.

2. Controlling blood sugar levels
Brown rice has a low glycemic index. The glycemic index is a number that indicates the potential for increased blood sugar that comes from carbohydrates. With a low glycemic index, brown rice has a stake in regulating blood sugar levels and insulin production. In addition, brown rice is a good source of energy that the body needs.

3. Make full faster
A study conducted in the British Journal of Nutrition found that by eating complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal, brown rice and potatoes, will make you full faster for hours and eat no more than 320 calories per day.

4. Contains antioxidants against free radicals
Brown rice is a good source of iron or manganese. Manganese, which is an important role in producing energy for the body, it is an essential component of enzymes and an antioxidant that can protect the body from free radicals that are formed when the energy is produced. In addition, brown rice is rich in zinc, a mineral that helps accelerate wound healing and maintain the body's immune system to function properly. Similarly, iron or manganese, zinc is also rich in antioxidants that protect the body from free radicals that can damage cells and tissues in the body.

5. Contains Vitamin B6
By eating just one serving of brown rice, can meet 23 percent of vitamin B6, the amount needed for the functioning of the organ. This vitamin is needed to help maintain the balance of serotonin formation, red blood cells and helps the production of cell-cell DNA.

6. Lower bad cholesterol
Brown rice is known to help lower bad cholesterol levels. By eating brown rice, it will help increase the level of good cholesterol. Therefore red rice can be a staple food and a good source of carbohydrates for health.

7 Suprising Fiber Boosters

If taken in the right form at the right time and in sufficient quantities, foods with fiber can sometimes slow the onset of hunger. Try these for a natural change :

PEARS, since one up and add to a spinach salad for delicious twists

PISTACHIOS, Sprinkle some on yogurt, salads or eat on their own

RASPABERRIES, Try adding berries to cereal for boost of flavor and fiber

ARTHICHOKES, Whip up a low fat spinach and artichoke dip the next time yoy host company

LENTIL BEANS, chicken soup may be what mom suggest for a cold, but lentils are where it's at when you're looking to get yor protein and fiber in a bowl.

EDAMAME, Eaten as an appetizer, edamame can help fill you up so you don't overindulge on your main course.

POPCORN, Popcorn is a whole grain in the same league as oatmeal, barley, brown rice and millet. Air pop a serving size for crunchy, fiber-boosting snack. (WomenHealth)

Why we Cry : The Biology behind tearfest

Crying is healthy. When we are severely overhelmed, we can't help but weep, says Jodi De Luca, Ph.D., a neuropsycologist at Tampa General Hospital. Our bodies can use crying to defuse bottled-up stress that can wreak havoc on our immune system.

Tears attrack kindness. It's likely that human tears envolved so we coul send out a clear nonverbal message : I need attention ! thus De Luca says, " They elicit as a sympathetic response in others"

It's a girl thing. Young males and females cry roughly the same amount, but one biological reason grown women cry more than men: After puberty, women's bodies contain much more of a hormone called prolactin, which is a main ingredient of emotional tears, women are able to form and shed tears at a much faster and more frequent rate.

How to maintain a Healthy weight naturally without succumbing to diet fads ?

A weight maintenance is a ,ater of staying on track by creating and sticking to habits that contribute to a healthier you. Making a conscious decision to eat foods closer to their natural state and incorporating physical activity into every day can help you fell even better.

Here are some simple weight management solutions :

Pro-Protein, High Fiber ! Eliminate those mid-morning cravings by starting your morning with a healthy dose of protein and fiber.

Hi-Lo excercise. It's the best route to weight loss and ultimately weight management. Kick up your speed or icline every 4-5 minutes for 1-2 minutes during your cardio workout. Compared to a standards cardio workout, you will burn more calories and elevate your metabolism

One-to-One, A cup of cooked rice or pasta has about 200 calories, but a cup of cooked vegetables delivers approximately 50 calories. To avoid carbo overload, eat a 1:1 ratio of grains to vegetables, ramping up your fiber intake without the calories.

Snack Smart, Whole grain snack are rich in complex carbohydrate for long-lasting energy and fiber for staying power.

Migraine Patients Tend to Have Abnormal Brain Structur

More than 300 million people around the world have an intense migraine, i.e. a throbbing headache often accompanied by nausea, light sensitivity and changes in the function of visual or sensory. Recent studies indicate that migraine patients have a specific part of the brain that are abnormal.
Previous research shows that there is shrinkage or atrophy of regions of the cortex of the brain in patients of migraine. It is associated with the processing of pain, which may occur due to chronic stimulation on the area.  I
The latest study, scientists in Italy studying the cortical thickness and surface area of the cerebral cortex of migraine patients. Researchers found that some of the migraine patients tend to have abnormalities of the brain at birth.

The study was led by Dr. Massimo Filippi, Director of Neuroimaging Research Unit at the Ospedale San Raffaele University and professor of Neurology at the University Vita-Salute's San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, who want to understand the basic pathophysiology of neurological diseases, including migraine using neuroimaging technology.

Filippi began his research several years ago by studying migraine patients with MRI to determine structural and functional abnormalities associated with migraine, the goal is to identify the mechanisms that cause clinical expression and monitor its evolution.

"Patients with migraine was not only just have brain function differently, but in fact may have structural differences in the brains of people who are also healthy," Filippi said.

The study involved 62 adults with migraine and 18 healthy people. The findings, were published online on March 26 in the journal Radiology.

Based on the results of the MRI scan, the team found that the patient's brain with migraines quite complicated. Some areas of the cortex in the brain of migraine patients seem thicker, but some other areas of the cortex is thinner. The thickness of cortex in patients of migraine is uneven when compared to the brains of healthy people.

Filippi stated that it is important to understand the structural changes in the brain associated with migraine because it can give an idea about the cause of pain and other symptoms. For example, doctors may be able to monitor the structural changes in the brain cortex of migraine patients to measure response to treatment.

Researchers have yet to determine whether structural changes in the brain is dynamic or continue to change over time. The research team is now still follow the research participants to see if the structural patern in the btarin is ' stable ' or tend to shift,  and it will develop the research of migraine to children.

Some factors that cause Impotence or Erectile dysfunction

Impotence or Erectile dysfunction is avoidable by man. Chronic illness can be the source. But without realizing it, a few daily habits can also cause impotence.

Impotence occurs due to lack of physiological capabilities. When a man suffers from this condition, he will not be able to get or maintain an erection of the penis.

It's worth avoiding habits that can lead to impotence, as reported by the Boldsky Sunday :

  1. Smokin, a way to reduce blood circulation. Impotence has been associated with smoking long time ago or use of tobacco routinely. Quitting smoking can improve blood circulation and prevent impotence.
  2. Unbalanced eating, unbalanced eating (meals) is a bad habit that is sure to cause impotence. The body needs all the nutrients essential to running a proper function. How the body can pump the blood to the penis if not functioning properly?
  3. Snoring, a sign that your breathing is constantly interrupted during sleep. Modern research has connected the sleep apnea that causes snoring with impotence or erectile dysfunction. Men who snore during sleep are two times to suffer from impotence compared men who did not snore.
  4. Obesity or overweight, One of the most common causes of impotence are obese. This is directly related to erectile dysfunction. From now it is time to stop the unhealthy food habits