Get rid of Bad Cholesterol with avocado

Avocado known to provide excellent benefits for health,The fruit is even claimed to be very good to help nourish the heart. The study, led by the chairman of the nutrition committee of the American Heart Association, Penny Kris-Etherton, revealed that daily consumption of avocado provide the advantages of controlling the levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Involved some 45 respondents aged 21-70 years in this study. They are given the average dietary intake of Americans that is composed of 34 percent fat, 51 percent carbohydrates per cent, and 16 per cent protein for two weeks before the start 'avocado diet'. The researchers found that compared with the ratio of the average diet early, low-density lipoprotein (LDL) or often referred to as bad cholesterol is 13.5 mg / dL lower after eating avocado respondents regularly. In patients with high LDL, this result would be the equivalent of a 10 percent reduction in levels. Some other blood tests also showed other benefits of avocado consumption, ie primarily on total cholesterol and triglycerides, as quoted by the Journal of the American Heart Association, Friday (09/01/2015). Avocados are known to contain fiber and phytosterols that are beneficial to health. "From the results of this study we need to focus on how to make people want to eat a heart-healthy foods, including avocados are rich in nutrients and other food sources," said Dr. Kris-Etherton, from Pennsylvania State University.


Katie said...

Avocado are amazing. I have been eating it every morning and I believe that it has kept my bad cholesterol down.

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