Mental Health and Improving Your Personal Life

Your mental health is an amazing part of what makes you as a person. Personal development is a way of life that effects your mind, actions, and how you treat others around you.  It plays a vital role on your over-all well being and the relationships around you.  Often times, we get so caught up in the physical aspects of what’s on the outside and forget to take care of the inside. Exercising our brain consciously and subconsciously is an important factor when improving one’s life and creating a healthy state of mind as we age.  When a person is depressed, stressed, tired, and frustrated it effects everything we do as well as the people closest to us.  I remember someone telling me in a depressed state, that she couldn’t even watch television because she didn’t want to watch the living. When I get down, I often think of that comment and it reminds me of a place I don’t ever want to  be. Isolating yourself for others could turn into something very dangerous and unfortunately help will only start with one person. YOU! Although there is a laundry list of books and professional help, also recommended, but if this article gives you a jump start to just get you slightly motivated to move forward, then moving an inch is greater than lying still. 

Benefits of Rice for Skin Beauty

Japanese women have an average white skin smooth and clean, this is in addition to climate influenced in Japan also because natural skin care made from generation to generation by using rice. Apparently Japanese women farmers had always used the collision of rice as their skin protection from the heat of the sun, even they also use rice water to bathe and wash her face. This custom was followed by other women to get the skin smooth and clean by pounding rice until smooth, add it with water, then smeared throughout the body.

The fact, rice is the staple food of most Asian countries proved to have many benefits for skin care, including:
1. Extract of rice is useful in increasing the production of collagen that functions in maintaining skin elasticity
2. Chemical structure of the rice contributing to the regeneration and growth of skin cells that have been damaged or dead
3. Rice contains oryzanol  substances that can help renew the skin pigment and useful to counteract ultraviolet
4. Rice containing vitamin E are beneficial nourish the skin so it looks younger
5. Ferulic acid in rice useful as an antioxidant and can protect skin from free radicals

Things to knows about Herbal medicine and supplements

Herbal medicine and supplements, is it useful?
Many people at the present time are turning into organics and naturals known as herbals. The growing popularity of herbal supplements has created a new trend if not a new health lifestyle. Here are  things you need to know about this mean, “green” dietary supplementing machine.
What is the difference between a drug and a dietary supplement?
According to the explanation set by food and drug administrations in different countries, drugs are chemicals that can avoid, prolong the life, treat other effects of a health condition, improve the quality of life, and/or cure ailments and diseases, or alter the function of any part or chemicals inside the body. These drugs have approved therapeutic claims. For example, paracetamol is a drug given to bring down the body temperature in fever. Ascorbic acid is indicated for the treatment of scurvy. Iron supplements are given to treat mild cases of anemia.

Self esteem improvement - Start now before it is too late

Be determined to improve your self esteem and you are on your way to great achievement.

Do not let a low self esteem ruin your life. The way you think about yourself determines how you interact with others.

What are some examples of low esteem aspects in you mind that you need improvement on?

1. Nothing you do seems to go right
2. You believe that most people do not like you.

How to build Your Child's Self Esteem

It's often been said that children learn what they live.  So if you're looking for a place to start helping your child build positive self esteem and self value, then you should show them your positive sense of self and strong self esteem.  Be positive when you speak about yourself and highlight your strengths. This will teach your child that it's okay to be proud of their talents, skills and abilities. 

Your child also benefits greatly from honest and positive praise.  Find something about them to praise each day.  You could even give your child a task you know they can complete and then praise them for a job well done after they're finished. Show your child that positive acts merit positive praise. 

How to remove redness on your skin ?

Rosacea most likely acts as the main cause of redness.   It is actually a chronic condition that first appears as a flushing or subtle redness on the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.  It then progresses from intermittent mild redness to persistent ruddiness as well as permanent, dilated blood vessels and acne-like bumps. 

It is worth noting that rosacea is not curable, but it responds well to treatment.  Speaking of treatment, many experts recommend prescription topical and oral antibiotics as they assist to prevent pimples and redness from developing.   However, in severe cases, a product known as Accutane is commonly prescribed.    Some dermatologists also suggest pulsed-eye lasers like the Vbeam which costs $500.  

Benefit of Tomatoes for Skin Beauty

Tomatoes are one type of vegetables that are always available in the kitchen. Besides useful for acid flavor enhancer in cooking, tomatoes are also useful as a natural cosmetic for the skin.

Problem of large pores in the skin, acne and dull skin can be overcome with tomatoes. To preserve and maintain healthy skin, it is recommended to eat lots of tomatoes in the intact condition.

Cups of coffe protect you from aggressive attack of breast cancer

A recent study showed that drinking five cups of coffee a day can protect you from aggressive attack of breast cancer . Really?

It has been known that breast cancer does not respond to various drugs, therefore chemotherapy  is often the only option. Chemotherapy was feared because women do not want to look bad, such as the risk of hair loss.
Those who are regularly enjoyed a hot drink of coffe far less  to developing estrogen receptor negative breast cancer possibility, particularly if they drank five or more cups of coffee a day.

5 hours a day in front of computer lead to death more quickly ?

According to research, spending more than 5 hours per day in front of a computer can damage the heart and lead to death more quickly. The reason is the position of sitting, especially sitting back, which is a common position when people work with computers, playing games, or watching television.

The study was conducted by Emmanuel Stamatakis, researchers from University College London, UK. He conducted a research of more than 4,500 people over 35 years old and the results published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

The best personal qualities you need to have.

If anyone want to be succeed in society they must have few qualities. Here are the best personal qualities you need to have.


Sincerity is ranked first as the nature of the most liked by everyone. Sincerity makes others feel safe and appreciated for sure not be fooled or deceived. Those who are sincere are always telling the truth, do not like making it up, pretend, make excuses or distort facts. The principle is "Yes on Yes and No on No". It would be more ideal if the sincerity that is as soft as dove was counterbalanced by the ingenuity of a serpent. So, the sincerity is not become innocence that could be self-defeating.


In contrast to the low self-esteem which is a weakness , humility is reveals the strength.Those who have

Lack of sleep trigger high blood pressure/hypertension

Those who slept only 6 hours are 42 % tends to have hypertension, while those who slept  no more than 5 hours a day have higher risk 31 % as  reported in the journal Hypertension.
This report has recently studied at women only , not in men. According to study leader, Dr. Francesco P. Cappuccio from Warwick Medical School, Coventry, these findings indicate the possibility of a special relationship of gender, decreased sleep of time, and blood pressure. Even so, the reasons of this finding remains unknown.

Numerous of studies linked poor of sleep quality to an increased risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease. Many of these studies focused on people with breathing disorders sleep apnea (stopping breathing during sleep). However, some evidence show that loss of sleep without any obvious interference, is also detrimental to health.

For the study, Cappuccio and his team used the data from long-term health study of 10,300 white British civil servants between 35-55 years old . The researchers focused on respondents who are free from high blood pressure in the 1997-1999 phase of the study and be assessed again in 2003-2005.
During the two-phase, 76 and 68  %, respectively, from the original group, included in the evaluation. At reassessment, 20 % of respondents newly diagnosed with high blood pressure and the risk is greater among women with short sleep time.

10 disadvantages of sleep deprivation

Have you ever feel moody and dizzy? Maybe it was due to lack of sleep. Do not ever underestimate this situation! Lack of sleep can affect your sex life, memory, health, appearance, and even make your body fat.

Here are 10 surprising things that happen due to lack of sleep:
  1. Accidents, Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest disasters factors in the history other than nuclear accidents at Three Mile Island in 1979, the biggest oil spill Exxon Valdez, Chernobyl nuclear crisis in 1986, and so forth.Sounds excessive, but you must realize that lack of sleep also affects your safety every day on the road. Drowsiness can slow down your time driving, which is equivalent when you are drunk while driving. A study conducted by Safety Institute National Highway Traffic Americans showed that fatigue causes 100,000 car accidents and 1,500 deaths a year in the U.S.. The victim was a person under the age of 25 years old. The same study shows, if you lack sleep or have a low sleep quality, then it can cause accidents and injuries at work. In one study, workers who complain of excessive sleepiness during the day are vulnerable injured at work and constantly experience the same accident at work.
  2. It causes depression. A study on1997, researchers from the University of Pennsylvania reported that people who sleep less than 5 hours per day for seven days led to stress, anger, sadness, and mental fatigue. In addition, lack of sleep and sleep disorders can cause symptoms of depression. The most common sleep disorder is insomnia, which has strong links with depression. A study on 2007 involving 10,000 people revealed that people with insomnia 5 times more prone to depression. In fact, insomnia is often one of the first symptoms of depression. Insomnia and no appetite due to depression are related. Sleep deprivation exacerbates symptoms of depression and depression makes you more difficult to sleep. On the positive side, a good sleep pattern can help treat depression. 
  3. Reduce Libido, lack of sleep in men and women reduce libido and sexual disfunction. This is due to depleted energy, drowsiness, and rising tension. For men who suffer from sleep apnea (breathing problems during sleep disturbing) lack of sleep cause sexual arousal sluggish. A study published on the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism in 2002 showed, almost all people who suffer from sleep apnea have lower testosterone levels. Nearly half of people who suffer from severe sleep apnea have a low testosterone level at night.

Things can make you fat

Sleep Deprivation 
Metabolic processes can work well if your body enough rest .If the lack of rest , the body will experience stress that cause increases  of chemical reactions in the body , this will stimulate your appetite .Some people believe that eating before bedtime will make sleep more soundly , but what really happens is you are saving the fat in your body .
Stress was also a contributory factor to weight gain .If experiencing stress , some people have a tendency to eat more food .This is because food  that contain elements of high carbohydrate can increase levels of serotonin in the brain , causing a calming effect .Therefore , if the stress hit , find other activities to suppress it , for example sport.

The influence of drugs
Effects of each drug is different for consumrs .Some may cause drowsiness effect , increased appetite , change blood sugar into fat , and so forth .Therefore , do not forget to always consult with a physician expert on drugs and vitamins you consume.

7 spices that make you healthy

Here are 7 healthy spices for healthy living

The Cinamon
Dr. Wendy Bazilian, author of 'The SuperFoodsRx Diet: Lose Weight with the Power of SuperNutrients' said that cinnamon is one kind of spice that can be used in various types of cuisine. You can use it to sweeten tea drink, mixed into yogurt drinks, even in a dish of oatmeal for breakfast. Besides being an antioxidant, cinnamon is also able to control blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood

Just one teaspoon of oregano contains antioxidants which is equivalent to 3 cups chopped broccoli . Oregano is usually found in snacks like pasta or pizza , but there's nothing wrong if you add a grain - grain grilled cheese sandwich on your favorite .
In the meantime , if you want to make a simple salad , then simply add the oregano in tomato pieces , plus pepper , and olive oil .

Another reason why your child need breakfast

I've seen enough commercials to know that teens who eat breakfast are alert and firing on all their mental cylinders at school. But recent research strongly suggests that a protein-rich breakfast may also help keep their weight within a healthy range. A team of researchers from the University of Kansas Medical Center sought to discover what would happen when a group of habitual breakfast-skipping adolescents ate a protein-rich meal containing eggs each morning.

According to the International Journal of Obesity findings, the teenagers who enjoyed a protein-rich morning meal stayed fuller longer and didn"t eat as much troughout the rest of their day, compared to both breakfast skippers and those who consumed a low-protein morning meal. Plus, the high-protein breakfast led to 10 fewer calories consumed at luch.

Nearly one in three American children is overweight or obese, according to The Journal of the American Medical Association. So help your children perform well in school and maintain a healthy weight by starting their day off with a breakfast thet includes plenty of protein

Amazon Store blames Kindle problems on plastic clips

Amazon customer services in the UK have claimed that problems with the Kindle's leather cover, which cause the eReader to reboot for no reason, is caused by the plastic clips on the standard case.

The lighted leather case, which use metal clips to conduct power from the Kindle to the light, is immune to these problems. It's not clear why this is, but it wouls seem that the plastic clips on the standard cover somehow interfere with the lighting circuit on the Kindle, causing the problems. will credit affected users accounts with the £50.99 required to buy the lighted leather cover instead. From my friend experience, the process is painless one. Just make sure thet you call the amazon UK phone number, as the US site will attempt to refund you in dollars instead of pounds.

Cocoa's Good For Your Heart - decrease blood pressure-improve blood circulation-repair vascular injury

Flavonol-dense foods, including cocoa products, green tea, red wine and various fruits and vegetables, may soon be touted for their cardiovascular benefits, such as helping to improve blood circulation and decrease blood pressure. How to lover blood pressure naturally ?

Researchers from the University of California at San Francisco have found that cocoa flavonols improve the circulation of angiogenic cells in the blood, which repair following vascular injury and perform maintenance functions in the endothelium (the tin layer of cells lining your blood vesels). While those suffering from hearth disease shouldn't toss their medication aside just yet, researchers say that cardiovascular improvements can be achieved by combining standard treatment with a flavonol-rich diet.

decrease blood pressure-improve blood circulation-repair vascular injury

Best Free Photo/Image Organisers

1. Picasa
Min Requirement : Windows Xp/Vista/7/Mac OS X
File Size : 9 MB

2. PicaJet Free
Min Requirement : Windows Xp/Vista/7
File Size : 4.8 MB

3. Adebis Photo Sorter

Min Requirement : Windows Xp/Vista/7
File Size : 638 Kb

Best Free Photo/Image Editors

Why pay for commercial photo software when there are lots of superb new software available for free

1. VirtualStudio
Min Requirement : Windows Xp/Vista/7
File Size : 3.5 MB
2. Paint.NET
Min Requirement : Windows Xp/Vista/7
File Size : 3.5 MB
3. Fotografix
Min Requirement : Windows Xp/Vista/7
File Size : 356 Kb
4. Chasys Draw IES
Min Requirement : Windows Xp/Vista/7
File Size : 12.1 MB

Green Tea Consumption : Reduce Risk of Cancer Development

The consumption of green tea has long been associated with a reduced risk of cancer development. Tea beverages are brewed from the Camellia sinensis plant (leaves) and have been consumed in China for nearly 5000 years. Of the total amount of tea undergone different manufacturing processes produced and consumed globally, 78% is black tea, 20% is green tea, and <2% is oolong tea. Learn How to Healing Cancer Yourself

Black tea is consumed primarily in Western and some Asian countries, whereas green tea is consumed primarily in China, Japan, India, and a few countries in North Africa and the Middle East. The production
and consumption of oolong tea and pu-erh tea are confined to southeastern China and Taiwan.

In recent years, many studies from our and other laboratories have shown that green tea, oolong tea, black tea and pu-erh tea contains several tea catechin components; the major catechins in tea are epicatechin (EC), epicatechin-3-gallate (ECG), epigallocatechin (EGC), and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG)

Epicatechin-3-gallate (ECG) or-epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) are the major antioxidative polyphenolic compounds of green tea. They have been shown to exert growth-inhibitory potential of various cancer cells in culture and antitumor activity in vivo models. ECG or EGCG could interact with various molecules like proteins, transcription factors, and enzymes, which block multiple stages of carcinogenesis via regulating intracellular signaling transduction pathways.

Moreover, ECG and EGCG possess pharmacological and physiological properties including induction of phase II enzymes, mediation of anti-inflammation response, regulation of cell proliferation and apoptosis effects and prevention of tumor angiogenesis, invasion and metastasis. Numerous review articles have been
focused on EGCG, however none have been focused on ECG despite many studies supporting the cancer preventive potential of ECG. To develop ECG as an anticarcinogenic agent, more clear understanding of the cell signaling pathways and the molecular targets responsible for chemopreventive and chemotherapeutic effects are needed.

Google Nexus S : Ponsel Pertama dengan Android v2.3 (Gingerbread)

Google Nexus S : Ponsel pertama dengan OS Android v2.3 (Gingerbread) : Spesifikasi dan harga

Desember 2010 publik di ramaikan dengan isu akan munculnya Smart phone pertama yang akan menggunakan Android v2.3 Gingerbread. Ya, samsung sebagai salah satu vendor ternama di pasar smart phone akhirnya bener-benar meluncurkan smart phone yang menggunakan OS Android terbaru yaitu Android v2.3 gingerbread. Disinyalir ponsel Google Nexux S ini merupakan varian smart phone pertama yang menggunakan OS Android v2.3 gingerbread.

Google Nexus S merupakan smartphone pertama koalisi antara Google dan Samsung. Handphone cerdas ini dilengkapi dengan layar AMOLED kapasitif berukuran 4 inci, prosesor CPU ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz, Memori 512 MB dan memori internal flash 16 GB, Camera 5 Mp yang dilengkapi flash yang mampu merekam video 720p dalam 30 fps.

Ponsel android v2.3 pertama ini telah diluncurkan pada 16 Desember 2010 di Amerika yang dibandrol sekitar $529 dan 650 Euro untuk pasar eropa. Mungkin untuk pasar Indonesia Google Nexus S akan dibandrol sekitar Rp 7.5 - 8 juta, berminat?

Spesifikasi Google Nexus S :

Tri-band HSPA: 900, 2100, 170
HSPA type: HSDPA (7.2Mbps)
HSUPA (5.76Mbps)
Wi-Fi 802.11 n/b/g
Bluetooth 2.1+EDR
Near Field Communication (NFC)
Assisted GPS (A-GPS)
microUSB 2.0

4.0″ WVGA (480×800)
Contour Display with curved glass screen
235 ppi
Capacitive touch sensor
Anti-fingerprint display coating
Size and weight
63mm x 123.9mm x 10.88mm

Haptic feedback vibration
Three-axis gyroscope
Digital compass
Proximity sensor
Light sensor
Processor and memory
1GHz Cortex A8 (Hummingbird) processor
16GB iNAND flash memory
Cameras and multimedia
Back-facing: 5 megapixels (2560×1920)
720 x 480 video resolution
H.264, H.263 MPEG4 video recording
Auto focus
Front-facing: VGA (640×480)
3.5mm, 4-conductor headset jack (stereo audio plus microphone)
Earpiece and microphone
Software noise-cancellation
Talk time up to 6.7 hours on 3G (14 hours on 2G)
Standby time up to 17.8 days on 3G (29.7 days on 2G)
1500 mAH Lithum Ion

Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
Android Market
Google Earth
Google Maps with Navigation
Google Search
Google Talk
Google Voice
Voice Actions