Things can make you fat

Sleep Deprivation 
Metabolic processes can work well if your body enough rest .If the lack of rest , the body will experience stress that cause increases  of chemical reactions in the body , this will stimulate your appetite .Some people believe that eating before bedtime will make sleep more soundly , but what really happens is you are saving the fat in your body .
Stress was also a contributory factor to weight gain .If experiencing stress , some people have a tendency to eat more food .This is because food  that contain elements of high carbohydrate can increase levels of serotonin in the brain , causing a calming effect .Therefore , if the stress hit , find other activities to suppress it , for example sport.

The influence of drugs
Effects of each drug is different for consumrs .Some may cause drowsiness effect , increased appetite , change blood sugar into fat , and so forth .Therefore , do not forget to always consult with a physician expert on drugs and vitamins you consume.

Health problems
One of the other causes of why the body easily fat is hypothyroidism .Hypothyroidism is a disorder of the body caused by insufficient production of thyroid hormones in the body .Thyroid deficiency causes the body's metabolism substandard , poor appetite , and increased body weight .Symptoms of people with this disorder are easily tired and weary , hoarse voice , easily got the flu , easy sleepy ( so much sleep ) , or easily confused .If you experience the above symptoms see a doctor immediately.
At menopause, women no longer active like when they were young. The metabolism process slows down and hormonal system changes (diminishing estrogen hormone), causing excessive appetite, depression, and even less sleep. It is recommended  from now on, before even  until arriving the menopause, every woman has the time for a routine exercise. In addition to good health, fitness, maintain body weight stable, diligent exercise can also strengthen your bones.

So let's live a healthy life from now on! Think positive and diligent exercise while maintaining your diet to stay healthy. 


Joyce Novicio said...

I have been fat since I was 9 or 10. I was simply told to eat what my parents ate and told me to eat. There are so many studies why people are fat and I think it’s best to educate people about nutrition more than focusing on being fat, fat people or why people are fat.
Nutrition information especially in our young citizens is very crucial and learning to see food as something other than "yummy."
The things you pointed out are good to know but it really doesn't do anything for me. If I were educated about nutrition when I was younger, I believe I would have made better choices and I might've seen food and fat differently growing up.

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