Men Libido lower than Women !

Men are often labeled always wanted and thought about sex all the time. However, now, more men are found to have a lower libido than women. The proof, one of the three men claimed to be suffering from low libido, while in women the comparison one in four women. However, low libido, remains a problem for both men and women.

Men believe that a bad diet is the primary cause of less passionate to have sex. There is also the assumed cause is the level of confidence in the form of the lower body. Drink too much, not exercising enough and lack sleep also claimed to have an impact on men's libido.

For women, low self-esteem on body shape is considered as the main cause of the decline in libido, followed by lack of sleep. Relationship problems,   a poor diet and consumption of birth control pills are also thought to contribute.

Though some may see the low libido as part of living simply, in fact they still regard it as something that should not have occurred and can be corrected by visiting a doctor.

Only 18 percent of people who suffer from low libido stated they get help for it. Most of them see herbal medicine as a solution, with only 11 percent of visiting a doctor.

Peter Farley from ukmedix(dot)com, who conducted the research, noted that, "Low libido proven to exist in almost all the beds of the couples in the UK and lead to relationship problems."

Usually, a happy relationship and healthy sex walking side by side. So, help yourself to keep healthy. (femalefirst)


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