Optimism can reduce the risk of heart problems

Sudden death at a young age often occurs because of heart problems. Studies prove, certain personality can reduce the risk of heart problems and premature deaths caused by it. "A person with the highest levels of optimism had a double opportunity to have ideal cardiovascular health than those who are pessimistic," said Rosalba Hernandez, a professor at the University of Illinois, quoted from ScienceDaily, Saturday (10/2015). Rosalba had a conclusion after examining 5,100 adults aged 45-84 years. The participants were asked to follow a mental health-related survey, the level of optimism, and physical health are also associated with a history of chronic diseases including arthritis. The analysis shows, the total score for the general health tend to be proportional to the level of optimism. Participants with the highest level of optimism has a chance at 50-70 percent higher to have a healthy heart. In addition to having a healthy heart, participants with the highest level of optimism also have cholesterol and blood sugar levels better than those who are pessimistic. As published in the journal Health Behavior and Policy Review, optimistic person is also less chance to smoke. Rosalba assess this finding is important because at the community level, there is little difference in heart health can bring a significant reduction in mortality. Modification of psychological things, he thought could help the American Heart Association (AHA) achieve the goal of improving cardiovascular health by 20 percent before 2020.


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